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I have been trying to make videos for years. Most of the stuff that I produced was for fun and no real direction. I created a few yearly videos for the local fire department which were based on fire scene pictures and set to music. Not a lot in the way of creativity but more of a timeline into what had happened the previous year. While doing those types of things I was asked to do some power point slide shows for a couple of weddings and a few funerals. These were exhausting and very time consuming. I would have to say these weren’t quite fun but a very steep learning curve. Producing the shows and learning the software at the same time is not a very efficient system. One was technical and the other creative. I have taken a few online courses which helped but I still was not getting the videos I wanted to make. This was when I discovered Muse Storytelling and that set me on a learning curve that I have not looked back on. Finally a system that pointed me in the direction I wanted to go. I still have not created a lot of video but I am in the process of doing so (I always have an excuse for not doing them). I have the ideas, I have the gear and now the drive. I have a remarkable system to follow and I am growing with it which has forced some changes in the way I present myself. I am still working on the my presentation but I think I am heading in the right direction. Here are some reasons that I feel that I’m ready to step out of my box and enter into a new creative adventure.



Wonderful Daughter

Mary Anne






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ITW Kitins N Katz

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DAN Show



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