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Welcome to At Peace Media my new adventure into my creativity. I have broken out the site into the various things that I enjoy and want to share. Motion my latest endeavour, Stills is where it all started, and Prints the final design of my stills. I hope you enjoy the site and if you wish please share with me your thoughts.

Being an avid photographer I have spent a lot of time honing my technical skills and creative insights. I have been asked about displaying my photos and possibly passing on some of the trips that I have taken over the years. Well I have gathered some photos from various trips and set up these galleries for your enjoyment.

On the printing side I purchased a wide format printer and spent the last couple of years producing the prints that I wanted. Locally I found the print quality to be mass produced with little in the way of customization. With my own printing I now have control over the quality and styles that I want. Hoping to pass on this control and creativity in the production of prints for others I hope I am able to share your vision with my expertise.

As I move forward in my craft and creativity I have ventured into video and am learning that stills and motion are very different in there vision. As I read somewhere “Video is being able to dance with the light. Stills are connecting with that decisive moment.” I am growing with the storytelling side of motion and video and hope to be able to share my vision of others through their stories. As the last couple of years come to an end Live Streaming became a critical resource for many people. Branching into this service has been a challenge on both the technical as well as the streaming side. Over coming these obstaciles has added a great new way of getting people together be it for personal or business needs.

Stills and Photography

This is where it all started for me. That moment that you knew that what you see is what you wanted to see. Spending hours in the field in all conditions gathering the images I saw. I don't think I have a style or particular kind of image. I enjoy nature, landscapes, industrial and black and white. For me capturing the moment is where I want to be.

Video and Live Streaming

I have been trying to make videos for years. Most of the stuff that I produced was for fun and no real direction. I created a few yearly videos for the local fire department which were based on fire scene pictures and set to music. Not a lot in the way of creativity but more of a timeline into what had happened the previous year. While doing those types of things I was asked to do some power point slide shows for a couple of weddings and a few funerals. These were exhausting and very time consuming. I would have to say these weren’t quite fun but a very steep learning curve. Producing the shows and learning the software at the same time is not a very efficient system. One was technical and the other creative. I have taken a few online courses which helped but I still was not getting the videos I wanted to make. This was when I discovered Muse Storytelling and that set me on a learning curve that I have not looked back on. Finally a system that pointed me in the direction I wanted to go. I still have not created a lot of video but I am in the process of doing so (I always have an excuse for not doing them). I have the ideas, I have the gear and now the drive. I have a remarkable system to follow and I am growing with it which has forced some changes in the way I present myself. I am still working on the my presentation but I think I am heading in the right direction. Here are some reasons that I feel that I’m ready to step out of my box and enter into a new creative adventure.

Custom Prints and Displays

In this era, everything is becoming digital, which might be a great thing. The reason is that you can now achieve things faster with technological opportunities. Unlike in the past when photos had to be washed from the film, you can simply take out your phone and get an instant selfie or group photo today. You can also easily send it to your friends at the click of a button. All this seems great and desirable but the truth is that you should not ditch the photography physical print just yet. This might sound counterintuitive but here is why you should actually consider doing it.