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In this era, everything is becoming digital, which might be a great thing. The reason is that you can now achieve things faster with technological opportunities. Unlike in the past when photos had to be washed from the film, you can simply take out your phone and get an instant selfie or group photo today. You can also easily send it to your friends at the click of a button. All this seems great and desirable but the truth is that you should not ditch the photography physical print just yet. This might sound counterintuitive but here is why you should actually consider doing it.
A Print Will Always Be There
Things on the digital media tend to go out of date pretty quickly. This means that the files you have stored in digital formats will also go out-of-style. With the way technology is advancing at a fast pace, it should not shock you to find out that, in the near future, computer manufacturers might decide not to add optical drives to their computer products. This means thatImagine those beautiful photos of your wedding that you have been storing to show your grandchildren becoming obsolete! You will only be left with memories that you cannot share with anyone. On the other hand, if you had decided to print some, you will be able to enjoy them together with other generations. If you are a photographer and find yourself in this situation, imagine having no portfolio to show your clients? It would definitely be wise to print your photos.
Prints Help You Understand Your Photography
With a printed image, there are no filters. This means you will get more insight than when looking at a digital photo on a computer screen. Photos tend to look different when printed, which is why you will be able to pinpoint flaws. This is a great way to perfect your photography. With the old film technology, photographers were supposed to spend hours developing photos in dark rooms. Today, the dark rooms have been replaced with light rooms. However, this does not give the same great feeling as before. If you decide to print images, this means bringing back those sweet memories of the dark room. You can even choose the paper and frame to print your photo in. This will bring some nostalgic feeling, which is a great way to spice up your photography experience.
It Makes You a Better Photographer
When you print big photos, it will amplify all details of your images. Sometimes, the details are great and other times, they are problematic. Either way, this can only be detected in the print. It means that the next time you pick the camera, you will want to do everything right, especially due to the fact that you cannot photoshop a printed image.
It Is Very Inspiring and Satisfying
If you have just started printing photographs, it means you have a big catalog that makes the whole process fun. Stumbling upon a photo that is a few years old and printing it makes the whole process satisfying. You will notice places you have not visited in a while, which will lead to you wanting to go to them and create more beautiful memories. This might even end up making you want to go for an adventure to just capture new memories again. Sometimes, as a photographer, you might spend a lot of time just trying to capture the best image. You might spend the whole day waiting for the perfect sunset at the right spot. Once you get your best shot, you go home feeling ultimately satisfied. This is why you should not just let your talent to lie there in a hard drive. Get to enjoy the fruits of your hard work by enjoying the moment on paper. You will also get pixels to hang on your wall or share with your loved ones.
Makes You Proud
When you capture the best shots, you want to share them with the whole world. Putting them in a frame and displaying them on your walls gives you great pride in what you do. People will get to appreciate your work and may even become your clients. If you asked any photographer, they would tell you that printing your photographs is a great idea. Printed work is more emotional, and it stays with you for a long time. So go ahead and get some of your photos printed and find long-lasting memories that will last you a lifetime.