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Oh No not more

I am going to have to have a talk with my owner on bringing home more dogs. Sophie is pretty good but is growing and is bigger than me now. But I still can take her in a fight. Another one arrived today and they named her Lucy and she is a hand full. They say she was left over and that her Mom had had enough of her. She is pretty good but can be stubborn and mead with her food, I guess that happens when you go hungry. Millie does not really like her but I think she is just older and likes her quiet time. I hope we can all get along and it seems that way for now.

Zoey on the go

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Zoey's Tail

Zoey's Tail

Had another bad night sleeping with my nine brothers and sisters. The cage is pretty good but it is hard to get away from the constant movement and fighting for food and space. Read More…